Friday afternoon of “dead week”

For the record, I owe y’all a post titled “Zombie-ism: Sleepwalking through Life” because a) it’s an awesome title and b) that’s been my life as of late. But with a title that cool, I feel I need to invest some actual mental energy in the writing of the thing, and actual mental energy is something I don’t actually have.

What I do have is a list of random facts.

  1. Adam Cartwright is incredibly attractive.

What you may or may not know about me is that from 8th grade year through somewhere between my sophomore and junior year of high school I was obsessed with the TV show Bonanza. For those of you who didn’t know this about me and also don’t know what Bonanza is, it was a TV show that premiered in 1959 and ran for 14 seasons. And if you’re familiar with the TV show ‘Little House on the Prairie’, Michael Landon who played Pa also played Little Joe on Bonanza. Brief history lesson for you there.

Anyway, Little Joe was my first TV crush. I married him within the fandom when I was 13 (in fact, we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary on May 10th), and pictures of him still make me sigh happily.

Like this one:

Joe 2

(Isn’t he attractive???)

But today, recovering from the emotional drama that was Avengers: Age of Ultron (SOOOO GOOD!), I decided to watch an episode of Bonanza—something I haven’t done in quite a while. And you know what? I realized that Adam Cartwright is incredibly attractive.

  1. Beds are not couches

This may seem incredibly obvious, but as I adjusted my laptop just now I was again reminded of it. My bed is very nice, but it is not a couch.

  1. Blue Bell ice cream is almost as necessary to life as breathing is.

Y’all may or may not have heard about Blue Bell recalling ALL of its ice cream, but I can assure you that the students of Hardin-Simmons know, because we went (in one afternoon) from having ten (twelve? I’m apparently not that observant) ice cream options to having NONE. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

And I think we’re all slowly dying inside.

I know I am.

The saddest part: Blue Bell ice cream isn’t a thing in California. Meaning that regardless of how soon there may happen to be more Blue Bell on the market here in Texas, I most definitely will not be getting any until school resumes in August. Sad day.

  1. Sometimes one man’s trash is just everybody’s trash.

Because nobody wants to buy my Biology textbook off of me. Well, actually, one company offered me 10¢…

If you’re interested in paying more, or if you’re going to take BIOL-1401 at Hardin-Simmons next semester and the textbook doesn’t get changed, contact me.

  1. Having a car door that only opens from the outside is a royal pain.

If you thought my bed/couch statement was obvious, this one is going to seem ridiculous. But you try living for two weeks in the way that I’ve been forced to, and then look ahead to a 21 hour long road trip in a week where you’ll have to roll down your window in order to get out of your car at gas stations, and maybe you’ll better understand how central this random fact is to my life right now.

  1. My freshman year is one final away from being totally over.

And that needs no explanation.

I hope your week has been splendid, that your weekend is filled with even more splendid, and that no matter where you are you can remember that God is right there with you, in the mess of things, and He’s got no intention of leaving you to fight for yourself.

– Melissa
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